Class Goals:

  • To explore life, physical and behavioral science professions
  • To learn about research and graduate school
  • To familiarize students with university operations
  • Assist with ensuring academic success


  • Discuss university academic polities and procedures
  • Introduce each student to resource departments on campus as well as the College of Sciences
  • Provide information regarding balancing academic, social and personal aspect of students’ lives
  • Provide awareness of careers for STEM majors, opportunities, and teamwork
  • Introduce students to the ideas of research and graduate school
  • Facilitate activities that incorporate hands-on projects that reinforce concepts and teamwork

Learning Outcomes:          

  • At the end of the semester students will:
  • be able to use and further explore resources on campus
  • understand and articulate important university policies and procedures
  • understand and articulate their particular learning style
  • be able to articulate different areas of research emphasis in Engineering
  • be able to understand and articulate the requirements for a major in STEM
  • be able to explore the best graduate school for area of interest