Elena Arroyo: B.S. Physics
Year Completed MARC: 2018
MARC Mentor:William Tong
Current Status: Ph.D. student, Biological Physics, structure & Design, University of Washington

Grant Varnau: M.S. Chemical Physics
Year Completed MARC: 2017
MARC Mentor:William Tong
Summer Research Experience: Texas A&M and Vanderbilt University
Current Status: Optical Engineer, Nichia America Corporation

Alexis Romero: B.S. Physics
Year Completed MARC: 2016
MARC Mentor: Dr. Fridolin Weber
Summer Research Experience: MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP), MIT
Current Status: Ph.D. student, Physics, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA

Carolina Galindo: B.S. Astronomy & B.A. German
Year Completed MARC: 2012
MARC Mentor: Dr. Fridolin Weber
Summer Research Experience: The Institute of Astronomy, University of Hawaii, Oahu, HI
Current Status: Adjunct Lecturer and Learning Center Supervisor at Hunter College

Van Nguyen: M.S. Physics, Columbia University
Year Completed MARC: 2005
MARC Mentor: Dr. Calvin Johnson
Summer Research Experience: University of Washington & Los Alamos National Lab
Current Status: Sign language teacher

Eric Vazquez: Ph.D. Physics, Columbia University
Year Completed MARC: 2002
MARC Mentor: Dr. Terry Frey & Dr. Douglas Grotjhan
Summer Research Experience: Drs. Terry Frey & Doug Grotjhan, SDSU
Current Status: Principal Architect at WarnerMedia

Juan J. Martinez: B.S. Physics
Year Completed MARC: 2000
MARC Mentor: Dr. Patrick Papin & Dr. Saul Oseroff
Current Status: M.S. Student, Physics, SDSU & Scientist, Science Applications International Corp., San Diego, CA