Excerpt from an article in the SDSU NewsCenter, entitled  Class of 2014 Featured Grads Commencement Story, May 9, 2014.
Head shot of Linda Honaker

When she arrived at SDSU, Linda Honaker had every intention of becoming a pastry chef. However, she knew that getting a bachelor’s degree should be her first priority, so she enrolled as a nutrition major.

Honaker took the mandatory introductory chemistry course during her freshman year and discovered her true passion. The professor of that class, Tom Huxford, told Honaker one day, “You think like a chemist!” From that point on, Honaker became fascinated with the unseen world of molecules.

Honaker is part of the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) program which has given her the academic and financial support necessary to devote her time to research. As a MARC scholar, Honaker, along with nine other students, works in a lab where she is encouraged to find the scientific arena she is most passionate about.

This fall, Honaker will enroll in the chemical and structural biology track of the molecules, cells and organisms Ph.D. program at Harvard University. She plans to contribute to the research available about how life works at a molecular level.


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