Ruth Epstein, a Biology Major in the MARC program shares here experience at Cornell this summer.
This summer I was afforded the opportunity to conduct research at an REU at Cornell University in the Pawlowski lab. My project was researching the gene ddm1 in maize (corn). DDM1 is gene that encodes a nucleosome remodeler which facilitates DNA methylation. Our hypothesis was that with the partial knockout of the genes (maize has two copies), genetic recombination would be impacted since DDM1 had been previously characterized to impact the process in Arabidopsis. At the end of my 10 week program I will present my findings as a poster with all other interns for the summer! I have quite enjoyed making new connections and friends here at Cornell. I do not know too many students interested in plant biology as I am so to have a cohort with the same passions as me has been immensely helpful.
Cornell is in Ithaca, New York so I was worried at first about coming to the East Coast since I have lived in San Diego all my life. I am glad I took this opportunity because I have found the Ithaca area to be quite charming. On the weekends I go to different lakes and waterfalls, enjoy the downtown’s amazing restaurant scene, and also have taken multiple trips into New York City! If it was not for the MARC program, I would have never applied to summer research. I have loved every minute of this internship and it has greatly impacted by research career!
– Ruth Epstein